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What's new at the farm?

Life is always busy at the farm.  We had a great, quiet summer.  We did welcome some new faces.  Guin and Merlin are two of those sweet souls.  Guin is a perch mare and Merlin is a very large Clydesdale.  Both were saved on a kill lot by another amazing rescue and we knew they just had to come home with us to Hillcrest to live out their lives.   We also have 4 more donkey additions.  Henry, Harry, Harmon, and Eddie.  These boys were dealing with horrible conditions at an auction.  They are named after the farmers that live or once lived on the farms around ours.  

We did suffer loss.  It is always a hard thing to process because we love these animals with our whole hearts.  Chance, the one that started it all, has passed.  Bart also passed.  We started out 2022 with the devastating loss of Davey, our auction save that overcame so much, then died suddenly after New Years.

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