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Owner Surrender Information

At Hillcrest Farms Rescue & Sanctuary, we understand that situations present themselves that make it impossible to properly care for your donkey or horse.  Regardless of the reason, we do not want animal to suffer neglect and we certainly do not want it to end up at an auction where it's fate will be at risk to a horrible situation.  


Please make the well-being of your animal top priority over trying to recover any investment you have made.  We believe that animal owners are responsible for making sure that their animals are placed in good, safe homes.  Please refrain from advertising your animal"Free to good home", "Inexpensive." Sadly, ads like these will attract buyers who will turn around and sell the animal at the next auction where the slaughter trucks are loaded at the end of the sale with animals who have no idea what is happening to them.  These animals face a horrific end.  Horses and donkeys -- regardless of age, size, health condition, temperament- are ALL sadly shipped for slaughter.  Babies are pulled from their mama's.  Pregnant horses and donkeys are slaughtered.  Bonded pairs are very common with these animals.  They will get separated, which causes horrible emotional stress for them.  Slaughter/Kill buyers have no mercy and do not care what they are shipping.  It is so important to remember that the animal you want to sell or give away is vulnerable. Horse and donkey slaughter is an extremely large business in the United States, with over 150,000 horses and donkeys being shipped every year and the safety of your animal is up to you.  Please take it seriously.  

If you plan on selling your animals, please consider the following:


  • Do not give away your animal to anyone.  No one.  Not even someone you think is trustworthy.

  • Avoid selling at auctions.  

  • Set your purchase price above what a kill buyer would pay and do not negotiate it.  If the buyer cannot afford to purchase the animal, how will they afford to feed and provide proper care and vet care for the animal?  

  • Do a barn visit and ask for references from vets, farriers, even the local feed store if they buy from there! 

  • Microchip and register your animals before you sell them. Even microchipped animals are sold at auctions for slaughter but sometimes rescues will check so the previous owners registered in the system can be notified of their situation and prevent them from shipped to slaughter.

We encourage people to consider surrendering the animal to Hillcrest Farms Rescue & Sanctuary where it will be properly cared for for the rest of his/her life.  The risks and the unknowns of selling animals will be eliminated by you properly surrendering your animal to a safe sanctuary. 

If you would like to surrender your animal, please fill out the form below and send it back to us either by email, or fax to 412-331-3310.  If you know of a horse or donkey being neglected, please tell the owner they have options with HFRS.  We will work with them to get the animal to safety with us. 





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