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The Animals

Hillcrest Farms Rescue & Sanctuary is dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation and safe sanctuary of abused, neglected or otherwise unwanted donkeys and horses.  We also provide a safe haven for owners to surrender their donkeys in the event they are no longer able to care for them.  Our hope is that owners will turn to this option instead of sending their animal to auction, where their fate will be unknown.  In the United States alone, over 160,000 horses are annually shipped for slaughter.  Their lives on the kill lots are horrid.  Exposed to sicknesses, neglected, limited feed, water, and hay, coupled with being packed into small areas with several other animals can make it unbearable for these amazing creatures.  


As of the end of 2019, 33 rescued donkeys (both standard and miniature) miniature horses, and draft horses, and one quarter horse, named Sassy, reside at Hillcrest Farms Rescue & Sanctuary. 


They all have different backgrounds. Some came from high risk kill auction lots.  Some were owner surrendered, a few were even left on a lot tied to poles.  Bert and Ernie were found this way; abandoned twice, sadly enough.  

Once we save an animal, one of the first things we do is name him/her.  We believe that each one deserves a name now that they have a family and a home to call their own.  

Check back soon for a picture and bio of each animal!

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